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How to increase the lifespan of Bluetooth headsets.

How to increase the lifespan of Bluetooth headsets.

Although the Bluetooth headset is small and light, it is also convenient to carry, which brings speed and convenience to our life. When you invent the Bluetooth headset and forget it when you go out, you will find that you have become more and more inseparable from it, but no matter how good the workmanship is, It is inevitable to bump into each other. In order to take good care of your Bluetooth headset, maintenance is also essential.

Method steps

1. Before putting the earphones in your pocket or bag, turn off the earphones to avoid accidentally pressing the earphone function keys.

2.Do not touch the earphones with sharp objects, which will cause scratches or damage; do not insert any small objects into the earphones, which will damage the parts inside. So don't put it in your pocket randomly after use, you should put it in a small bag, because there are often many small debris in the pocket, which can easily damage the headset.

3.Do not expose the earphones in liquid or damp places, and do not use abrasive solvents to clean the earphones; the best storage environment is -10 degrees to +60 degrees, otherwise it will affect the life of the earphones.

4.If you do not use the headset for a long time, please make sure to place it in a dry place. If it is placed for more than a month, charge it on time to ensure the working performance of the battery and headset. Keep away from places with large temperature changes and dust.

5.Don't put the earphones in places where magnetic resonance is easy to form, such as near TVs and magnets.

6.Do not expose the headset to an open flame to avoid the danger of explosion.

Post time: 09-15-2021